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Support and Therapeutic Groups

Women’s Health Queensland offers 100% free trauma informed support and therapeutic groups for women with experiences of trauma and violence.  Read about our current groups and for more information email health@womenshealth.org.au.

Art Therapy 7-Week Program

Art Therapy is a process of self-exploration, Expressing thoughts and feelings. WHQ’s Group Art Therapy program is for women who have experienced Domestic, Family and Sexual violence.  

Art therapy uses creative mediums like drawing, painting, colouring, and collage. Art can offer an alternative way to process traumatic events. Art can provide an outlet when words fail. The group is focused on supporting women to use different forms of creative arts to aid in healing, identifying existing strengths and finding new strength while nurturing self and building on self-esteem. You do not need to be artistic to participate in this group. 

Learning and Outcomes  

  1. To assist people in exploring the skills and knowledge that they hold onto throughout the experience of hardship in their lives. 
  2. To reauthor “problem stories” and thicken alternative stories of the skills, values, and knowledges they hold onto during life’s challenges. 
  3. To support participants in feeling stronger and more aware of their capacities, resources, and abilities to withstand challenges. 
  4. To explore future possibilities and hopes 

Start date 11th May 2021 running to 22nd June

Days: Tuesday, 10am -1.00pm 

To refer women to this group or register your interest please email:gitap@womenshealth.org.au 


Mindfulness for Mental Health

WHQ Mindfulness for Mental Health group will explore the interaction between physical and mental health and discover how to maintain a manageable equilibrium through skills learned in our mindfulness practice. Mindfulness for mental health has been specifically developed for women who have experience Domestic, family and or sexual violence and engages a trauma informed healing centred approach to developing a mindful practice.  

People often say “I’m not good at mindfulness”, “I can’t sit still”, “how can I find time to be mindful?” this group is for anyone who has had those thoughts. We will be finding ways to make mindfulness work in your busy life and adapting these skills to be flexible and suited to you and your brain. 

 Learning and outcomes 

  • Develop a mindfulness practice. 
  • Learn Body awareness to help us develop the practice of tuning in to your body. 
  • Use Focused attention to help manage racing thoughts and brains that will not turn off. 
  • Begin to develop Cognitive awareness which allows us to track our thoughts and 
  • Practice mindful restructuring of less helpful habits of thinking. 

 WHQ mindfulness for Anxiety is a 6-week group 

Start date   29th April 2021 running to 3rd June  

Days: Thursdays, 10am -12pm 

To refer women to this group or register your interest please email: angelas@womenshealth.org.au 


The Shark Cage Group

The Shark Cage Group Program: A Human Rights Approach to Empowerment & Healing for Women who have Experienced Sexual Assault or Family Violence (Benstead, 2017)  

The shark cage is a feminist and trauma informed program designed to address vulnerability and re-victimisation for women. By using the framework of a Shark Cage women can explore boundaries, rights and re-connect in with their body. This program provides practical and easy to understand interventions including psychoeducation, strengths-based approaches, CBT, and skills training. The program offers a safe space to externalize experiences of abuse and facilitate healing and empowerment for women who have experienced repeated abuse/s such as domestic, family and/or sexual violence.  

Program objectives:  

  • Increase knowledge of healthy and unhealthy relationships. 
  • Increase abilities to care for self. 
  • Build capacity to set boundaries. 
  • Build assertive communication skills. 
  • Decrease feelings of self-blame for abuse experienced. 

The Shark Cage Group Program is an eight-week group program. It is required that participants be able to attend all sessions and understand that each week builds on the previous one.  

Start date 30th April 2021 running to 25th of June

Day: Fridays, 12.30-2.30pm 

Please note that participants will be required to attend a screening interview. 

To refer women to this group or register your interest please email: alyseg@womenshealth.org.au 


Pre-recorded sessions


Women’s Health Queensland have a resident yoga teacher and nutritionist, view the videos below or head over to our Facebook or Instagram for live meditation and yoga classes and keep an eye out for nutritional content.

Mindfulness Meditation to Ease Stress

Yoga with Hannah

3 Minute Meditation