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Violence Prevention

Here at WHQ, we are committed to ending violence through our primary prevention projects and alliances. Primary prevention requires identifying, challenging and changing social conditions and conventions, such as gender inequality. Our programs aim to tackle these issues from the root through this primary prevention tactic, and form professional alliances who are committed to this change.

Equity Audits

Improving respect and gender equity in our communities and workplaces is proven to reduce violence, promote wellbeing and enhance productivity. Equal workplaces and communities are known to be happier and healthier. 

Have you considered how promoting equality and respect could benefit your business or organisation? 

Would you like to know more about the tools and strategies that exist to enhance equity and respect in your workplace? 

Would you like to build a sense of fairness and togetherness in your team or community group? 

Contact WHQ today to find out how you can participate in our equity audits, or to become a member of our Equal and Together Alliance, please contact: Melissa (Community Engagement and Education) engage@womenshealth.org.au 

Equal and Together Alliance

The Equal and Together Alliance is a partnership of organisations, businesses, clubs and networks that are working across Queensland to build respect and equity within their workplaces and communities. The Alliance maintains the shared principle that preventing violence against women requires us to work together. 

Members can undertake an equity audit and be supported to implement strategies that promote equity within their business or organisation. Members also have access to a range of professional education programs to enhance equity and respect in their team or workplace. Alliance members can publicly promote their commitment to equity across diverse spaces and advertising platforms. 

Alliance members are also invited to participate in Primary Prevention Community of Practice. This supports local whole of community, place-based approaches to the prevention of violence. 

For more information about the Alliance, or to become a member, please contact: Melissa (Community Engagement and Education) engage@womenshealth.org.au 

If you would like to join the Media Community of Practice – which focusses on the role that media professionals can play in the prevention of violence alongside skills in trauma informed reporting, please contact Trina (media specialist) media@womenshealth.org.au